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Logan WS8-2 universal network extender

Logan WS8-2 universal network extender

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Universal power extender with wireless charging function

Cable cross-section, mm: 3x1.5

Total nominal voltage, B: 220/250

USB rated voltage and operating frequency (V, Hz): 100-250, 50-60

Maximum load, kW: 3.60

Rated current, A: 16

Housing material: non-flammable plastic

Output sockets (8 pcs.): EURO / SHCHUKO

Input plug: EURO / ССHUKO

Colour: white

Cable length:  2m

Warranty period: 1 year

Degree of protection against dust and moisture: IP 20

Number of USB ports: 3 x USB, 5V / 2.4A

Additional features: overvoltage protection, child protection

The charger supports wireless charging technology

Wireless charging power, W: 5

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