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Freesia Gray - Cubby Adjustable Desk + LED Lamp

Freesia Gray - Cubby Adjustable Desk + LED Lamp

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Lamp and book stand included!

Create your favorite learning environment with the Cubby children's desk. The height-adjustable desk grows with your child. The height chart will help you adjust the desk to your child's height. The tabletop can be freely tilted up to 40˚ to facilitate writing, reading and painting. A drawer with compartments under the tabletop provides plenty of space to store books and notebooks. In the upper part of the table top, you can also store various gadgets and writing instruments in specially prepared places.


● Height adjustment

● Tilting top: for reading, writing and drawing

● Anti-glare surface

● Large storage compartment

● Anti-pinch design: prevents your hand from getting pinched when tilting the table

● Multifunctional steel backpack/cup hook

● Built-in pencil case

● Height-adjustable design: adapts to the child's height

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