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Vetro Blue FunDesk adjustable chair

Vetro Blue FunDesk adjustable chair

Обычная цена €180,00 EUR
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Vetro Blue FunDesk adjustable chair

For children from 3 years to adolescence. Suitable for heights from 110 cm to 170 cm. It can be used with both a rising and regular desk. By changing the depth of the backrest and the height of the seat, you can find the most comfortable position for your child. The wheels have a stop rotation function when a child weighing more than 25 kg is sitting in the seat. The FunDesk Vetro chair is locked thanks to a button that, when activated (ON function), blocks the wheels and stops movement on any surface with a pressure of 20 kg. After turning off the button (OFF function) on the wheels of the chair, you can freely move around the room. The child will not be distracted during the lesson by riding on the chair. The chair is equipped with a footrest.

The backrest of FunDesk Leone is made of breathable material, which ensures comfort in the summer. Its orthopaedic shape ensures the correct shaping of the child's posture. The special design of the backrest has two parts that give the effect of shaping the posture and aligning the shoulder blades, relieving the negative feeling of tension in the back muscles.

Footrest is made of durable plastic.

Nylon wheels glide smoothly across the floor without damaging it.

The trolley locks with a load of 25 kg.

Wheel lock release function.

Ergonomic chair with seat height and depth adjustment
The wheels automatically lock when a person weighing more than 25 kg is sitting in the chair. This prevents the chair from tipping over and maintains the correct posture at the table
Leg support
The armrests go up
Wheel lock on/off function
The chair fits all tables and desks
2-year warranty
Country of Origin: China

Technical data:
Chair frame colour: grey
Chair fabric colour: grey

Chair height: 75-105 cm
Seat height: 35-58 cm
Seat depth: 28-39 cm
For children from 110 cm to 170 cm
Recommended load capacity 80 kg

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