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Cubby Brassica Pink Adjustable Chair

Cubby Brassica Pink Adjustable Chair

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Cubby Brassica Pink children's orthopaedic chair

The Cubby Brassica chair has been carefully designed to ensure correct posture during prolonged sitting.

The child will also not be overtired and will not feel discomfort.

The seat is adjustable to the child's height in the range of 76 - 97 cm.

We recommend adjusting the height of the seat so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are not bent more than 90°.

The depth of the seat is adjusted with a screw located under the seat of the chair.

When the seat depth is adjusted correctly, the distance from the edge of the seat to the bent knees is approximately the thickness of the sitting arm. This is usually just over half the length of the thigh and is about 50 cm.

Chair specification:

Seat dimensions (WxDxH): 430x450x90 mm
Backrest dimensions (W x D x H): 420 x 410 x 70 mm
Backrest height adjustment: 760-970 mm
Seat height adjustment: 390 - 590 mm
Seat depth adjustment range: 60 mm
Material: PP + foam + metal
Weight: 11 kg
Chair upholstery material: fabric
load 80 kg
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