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Adonis Pink Cubby children's chair

Adonis Pink Cubby children's chair

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Adonis Pink Cubby children's chair

The Adonis Pink Cubby armchair is a novelty ideal for active children, thanks to its ergonomic design. When sitting on school chairs for a long time, the child's posture may develop incorrectly. The Adonis seat well relieves the child's back during activities and play. The adaptive backrest, which hugs the shoulder blades on both sides, better protects the child's spine, because it keeps it straight even when the child is relaxed. The seat of medium hardness does not allow you to "fall apart" in the chair and burden the pelvis, on the contrary, it guarantees comfort and convenience. The dimensions of the chair are manually adjustable. The presence of additional built-in stoppers in the wheel ensures reliability and stability, and the star system prevents the chair from tipping over. It moves easily when needed and completely locks the wheels from turning when seated.


The structure of the backrest is specially designed for the correct positioning of the child's spine.
Adjustable seat depth and height
Eco-friendly PU foam for greater durability and water resistance
The extra-wide roller base ensures greater stability when tipping over.
The ABS roller does not allow the child to slide freely on the floor when the child is sitting on the highchair, however, the highchair can be easily moved when no one is on it.

Chair dimensions:

Armchair dimensions: 61x52x83 cm

Chair seat height: 34-54 cm

Chair seat size: 45x41cm

Chair back dimensions: 45x41 cm

Backrest depth: 31-39.5 cm

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