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Arnica Gray Cubby adjustable chair

Arnica Gray Cubby adjustable chair

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Arnica Gray Cubby adjustable chair

Arnica is an innovative armchair for school children developed in 2022 by the Cubby brand.

The universal design has been designed with the latest aero needs and orthopaedic spinal alignment in mind to promote good posture and reduce strain on your child's back during activities and play.

The back design has a unique bifurcated structure that reproduces the effect of "correct formation" of the posture and even the shoulder blades, eliminating the negative pinching sensation of the back muscles. The seat is designed with an innovative "quick sand" effect, which evenly distributes the weight of the lower body over the entire surface, giving the muscles a "tonic rest". Manually, you can completely adjust the dimensions of the chair to the height of the backrest and seat separately.

The presence of additional built-in stoppers in the wheel ensures reliability and stability, and the star system prevents the chair from tipping over. It moves easily when needed and completely locks the wheels from turning when seated. The material is environmentally friendly, odorless and pleasant to the touch.

Technical data:
Seat dimensions: 450x410 mm

Rear dimensions: 450x410 mm

Seat height adjustment: 350-550 mm

Backrest depth adjustment: 285-385 mm

Maximum payload: 80 kg

Material: PP + sponge foam + metal, fabric

Additional Features: Wheel stoppers

Load capacity: 80kg

Chair back upholstery: fabric

Chair seat upholstery: fabric

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