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FunDesk SST3D Gray children's chair

FunDesk SST3D Gray children's chair

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FunDesk SST3D Gray children's chair

The FunDesk SST3D school chair is a comfortable and modern transforming chair.

All edges do not have sharp edges, which will make the process of learning or playing as safe as possible. The solid frame is made of white metal, the color of the plastic elements is grey. The materials used to make the chair are ecological, of high quality and meet all safety requirements.

Using a special scale indicating the child's height, you can easily and quickly adjust the chair to the right position for a child aged 3 to 14 years.

The backrest and seat of the chair are covered with soft pillows for the comfort of the child.

SST3D chair specification:

Purpose: height adjustable chair
Model: school chair for one child
Material: ABS+PP/steel+fabric
Height adjustment level: 300-440mm
Available color: gray
Chair dimensions: 390 x 418 x 653-793 mm

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