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FunDesk Bellissima Gray - Adjustable desk with chair

FunDesk Bellissima Gray - Adjustable desk with chair

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FunDesk Bellissima Grey

When doing homework or resting, it is very important that the child sits correctly at the table. The FunDesk Bellissima set provides a more comfortable learning environment:

— the height adjustment mechanism allows you to easily and quickly adjust the table and chair, which optimally adjusts them to the appropriate height of the child
— the surface of the desk has an anti-reflective coating and a tilt function of up to 40 ° for comfortable writing, reading and drawing
— a drawer at the bottom of the table provides the necessary space for books and stationery


0° ~ 40° inclination of the table top provides the best angle for writing, drawing and reading
The table lamp can work from the mains and from a Powerbank
The anti-reflective surface of the table helps protect your child's eyes
Drawers allow you to store books and office supplies
A special design without sharp corners will protect the child from possible injuries
Multifunctional steel hook helps to keep the school bag and cup holder
A special recess on the desk is used to store pens and pencils to reduce clutter on the desk surface
The chair has perforations that provide air access to the child's body in the summer
The height adjustment makes the table and chair grow with your child
The suggested age of the child is from 3 to 10 years
Designed for children with a height of 110 to 170 cm
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